Who Are We?



The story of OctoberEighteen began in the living room of Brenda Hojgaard, a self-taught seamstress who make, alter and design her own clothes. Encouraged by other fashionista, Brenda began selling her creation in local craft markets and the city’s pop-up stores.

OctoberEighteen was born. 

“ I never set out to be a fashion designer, everything has been driven by interests and passion. Sitting hours and hours, days and days in front of my sewing machine, making countless of mistakes and plenty of unwearable clothes before finally getting it right. “ - Brenda  

The aim has always been to create easy-to-wear and quality clothing for those who wear them. Focus on versatility, femininity and individuality. Design and create comfortable and beautiful clothing for the modern women, to be worn without the constraints of seasonal trends and dress codes. 



There're days we wear dreamy dresses and once in a while we just want to show up in the most minimalistic outfit.

We understand, It's compilcatied.

Designed by women for women, we tried to make everything that makes us feel great and gorgeous without sacrificing comfort. Our inspiration comes from the sophisticated silhouettes from the past, with a pinch of modern attitude. We believed that femininity is in the details. Each piece undergoes a long phase of research and trial until we find the perfect silhouette and the right mood for your body. 


Based in Hong Kong, our in-house atelier is the place where magic happens.

We're proud to be a fashion brand that produce 90% of our product in Hong Kong. From a very simple beginning, today, the OctoberEighteen studio is fully equipped with advanced Juki industrial sewing machines and tools needed to construct quality garments. We try as much as possible to produce the right quantites. Our mission is to bring sustainable and quality fashion to everyone. There're people behind the clothing we wear, where you buy and what you buy matters.


We're not perfect,

but we are constantly trying.


Every item is made in very limited quantities. The process starts with sourcing quality fabrics, designing and testing patterns, cutting, sewing, pressing, checking for loose threads and finally packaging. It takes approximately 6-8 hours for a piece to be made from start to finish. Some take up to 12 hours to make. Every piece is truly special and unique. 


Reducing waste and eco-footprint. OctoberEighteen uses overstock (also known as deadstock) fabrics, from various designer fashion houses and factories, to create clothing based on the nature of the fabric itself. All fabrics used for production are sourced according to usage and cut very cautiously to prevent fabric waste.


Keeping a direct and realistic approach. OctoberEighteen only releases small capsule collections, to avoid mass production. Starting with a small quantity of each product, and only making more based on order demand and customer feedback, this means less waste and more exclusive. So, no one at the party will be wearing the same outfit as you!


We are actively striving for a reduction of the environmental impact of our products. As part of our packaging policy, 98% of OctoberEighteen's packaging material are recycled paper and biodegradable. We encourage you to reuse our packaging materials as many times as you can, because if everyone uses them at least twice, we'll reduce the waste on this planet by 50%.