from a simple idea,

Founded by Brenda Hojgaard, a seamstress who makes, alters, and designs her own clothes, OctoberEighteen is a concept that emerged from the depths of an impassioned soul, fuelled by a relentless love for fabrics, colours, and the art of self-expression. It was born from a desire to create a space where individuality thrives, where fashion becomes a language that speaks to the depths of our identities.

OctoberEighteen stands as a vibrant tapestry, an ode to diversity, inclusivity, and the celebration of every individual's unique journey. From timeless classics that whisper of elegance to bold creations that demand attention, each piece is a testament to inspiring women and the power of self-expression.

It is a reminder that dreams are not bound by circumstance or formal training. It is a testament to the indomitable spirit that resides within each of us, urging us to step into the unknown and breathe life into our aspirations. It is a call to embrace our creative instincts, to take risks, and to bring forth the beauty that lies within.

Join us as we celebrate the audacity of dreams and the power of authenticity.

With love and stitches xx

“ I never set out to be a fashion designer, everything has been driven by interests and passion. Sitting hours and hours, days and days in front of my sewing machine, making countless of mistakes and plenty of unwearable clothes before finally getting it right. “ - Brenda  

our atelier.

Based in the vibrant city of Hong Kong, our in-house atelier is the sacred ground where magic happens. It is here, amidst the hum of creativity and the rhythmic symphony of sewing machines, that the essence of OctoberEighteen comes to life. We take immense pride in being a fashion brand that produces 90% of our products right here in Hong Kong. From humble beginnings, our studio has blossomed into the sanctuary of creativity.

our mood.

There is a subtle air of elegance that dances through the threads of OctoberEighteen. It extends an invitation to dream, to transcend the ordinary, and to paint the world with the hues of one's unique essence.

As you explore the collections, you will discover a harmonious balance between classic elegance and a pinch of modern attitude. It is an intoxicating fusion of old-world glamour and modern sensibility, serving as a testament to the timeless silhouette of fashion, where tradition intertwines with the present.

Our mood is one of unapologetic self-expression. Each piece is crafted to be a mirror of inner strength. We encourage women to embrace their individuality, to boldly step into their own light, and to radiate confidence.

You, become a canvas upon which dreams and aspirations are painted—a walking embodiment of the extraordinary.