Oh hey! Here we are!

The beginning of an independent fashion label.

Story Of OE

The journey of OctoberEighteen Began in 2020 in a teeny-tiny studio in Hong Kong. Started by one woman, with one desk, one sewing machine, and one serger. Aim to create beautiful and quality clothing for those who are confident in their unique style. Focus on comfortability, femininity and individuality. Design and create comfortable and stylish clothing for the modern women, to be worn without the constraints of seasonal trends and dress codes.


Handmade with love

Every item is handmade from scratch  in very limited quantities. The process starts with sourcing quality fabrics, designing and testing patterns, cutting, sewing, pressing, checking for loose threads and finally packaging. It takes approximately 6-8 hours for a dress to be made from start to finish. Some take up to 12 hours to make. Every piece is truly special and unique. 

Being sustainable

Reducing waste and eco-footprint. OctoberEighteen uses mainly overstock (also known as deadstock) fabrics, from various designer fashion houses and factories, to create clothing based on the nature of the fabric itself. All fabrics used for production are sourced according to usage and cut very cautiously to prevent fabric waste.

One at a time

Keeping a direct and realistic approach. OctoberEighteen only releases one product at a time when it is complete, there’s no mass production. Starting with a small quantity of each product, and only making more based on order demand and customer feedback, this means less waste and more exclusive. So, no one at the party will be wearing the same outfit as you!


From a very simple beginning, today, the OctoberEighteen studio is fully equipped with the latest Juki industrial sewing machine and tools needed to construct quality garments. I love making clothing, and my mission is to bring sustainable and quality fashion to everyone. 
We are fashion lovers, therefore let's make it transparent and ethical, because there're people behind the clothing we wear, where you buy and what you buy matters.


90% of fabrics used are upcycled.


Soft feeling on skin, cotton is praised for its comfortableness, versatility and durability. Good absorbency and conducts heat well.


Known as the world’s most luxurious natural fabric, silk is soft, elegant with a smooth touch and shimmering look.


And Rayon, often used as a substitute for silk. Originating from natural resources, viscose rayon is very light and very airy, making it a cool fabric for stylish summer wear.


Made from natural fibers, Linen is absorbent, cool, smooth and durable. It is machine-washable, but it needs regular ironing, as it creases easily.


Polyester is highly durable, wrinkle resistant and very easy to care for. Only deadstock and recycled polyester will be used for production. We don't need to make more, we can reuse the ones that are already here.


Generally known for its lustrous finish and beautiful drape. Satin is more than just a soft, shiny fabric often used for fancy dresses. This luxurious fabric is glossy, elegant and slippery on one side and matte on the other.